Scheduling an annual appointment with your optometrist is a great way to maintain your eye health. An eye exam is an important appointment and you should prepare for it like any other medical checkup. The whole point of an eye exam is to get the best results for any preventive care or corrective prescription that you need for total wellness. If your eye exam isn’t accurate, it could lead to you overlooking some early signs of health challenges or raising fears for a non-existing problem. The best thing to do is prepare adequately for your exam and we have a few tips to help you get an accurate eye exam. Check them out below! 

1. Note your symptoms 

Before going in for your appointment, it is important to note any and all of your symptoms. Don’t just look out for the eye-specific symptoms like aching, blurry vision, watery eyes, itching, and so on. You should also note symptoms that affect your entire head like headaches and migraines. When you meet your optometrist, be sure to present all the symptoms to help them reach a better diagnosis after your eye exam. 

2. Keep records of your current medications 

Another thing to take note of, ahead of your eye exam, is the medication you are currently on for your eye care. Everything from an over-the-counter eye drop to a prescription for glaucoma medication should be recorded, alongside details of the medication and the dosage that you use. With this information, your optometrist can have a better understanding of your diagnosis and what should be expected with continued or discontinued use of your current medication. 

3. Bring in your prescription glasses and contacts 

Similarly, to the medications, your prescription glasses and or contacts provide your optometrist with additional information for a more accurate eye exam. Your optometrist will be able to either update or maintain your prescription based on the results of the eye exam.

4. Prepare your family history 

Like other medical examinations, your family history goes a long way in predicting possible causes of your symptoms. Try to find out if anyone in your immediate family, including grandparents, has a history of glaucoma, cataracts, or strabismus, among other eye defects. With this information, your optometrist can give you a better diagnosis from an accurate eye exam.

5. Answer questions honestly

Finally, the best way to get an accurate eye exam is to answer your optometrist’s questions as best as you can, which is why you have to prepare this information before your eye exam. An eye exam is also a consultation so the optometrist should be ready to answer your questions and settle your doubts.  

Preparing for an appointment with the optometrist by getting your I.D. card and insurance documents ready is important but, with these tips, you will get as accurate of an exam as possible. With the right results, you will get the right prescriptions and corrective measures. 

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