Many of us use phones and computers throughout the entire day, some spending more than 10 hours each day while others try to limit themselves to a handful or less, but at some point we all end up looking at screens. Technology has come far and so we need to keep up with it to make sure our health doesn’t deteriorate. Our eyes allow us many luxuries that we forget about, and so we need to be careful in protecting them because we only get one pair for our entire lives.

Here are 5 tips for protecting your eyes from screens:

1. Proper lighting is key

Make sure you don’t have lots of glare. Open windows letting in a lot of sunlight, or even a bright light inside your house can cause glare. Glare is as annoying as it is bad for your eyes. Even on walls and finished surfaces it can still damage your eyes, if possible, make your ambient lighting darker.

2. Change your display settings

Always have the brightness of whichever screen you’re using be about as matched to your surrounding light as possible. Also, some phones now come with built in blue light filters, allowing users to change the color temperature to warm white. This puts a lot less strain on retinas as it is much longer wavelength compared to blue light, which requires the eye to focus harder to see. Any standard computer will also come with color temperature settings. Another setting you can change is the text size and contrast, making it easier to read on your screen if you’re spending long amounts of time typing or reading.

3. Blink and exercise your eyes

Blinking often allows your eyes to stay lubricated, preventing red and dry eyes. Quick exercises you can do are looking at something far away, letting your eye muscles relax for a minute or two, and changing focus between near and far sight.

4. Take breaks

If you know you’re going to be spending a decent amount of your day looking at a screen, plan short breaks often, to give your eyes, and your brain, that little bit of rest.

5. Visit your optometrist

This is the one person who will be able to tell you everything you need to know about your own eyes! Taking eye exams regularly should be a part of everybody’s eye health, however, many people forget and only do it every few years.


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