Getting a new pair of prescription glasses should not really prompt a big adjustment period or discomfort. Sure, some pairs of glasses sit differently on the nose, have bigger or small frames and sometimes oddly shaped frames, but at the end of the day, if you are not changing your prescription, the adjustment period is very short.

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However, if your optometrist gave you a new prescription and your vision has changed, the new pair of glasses will feel quite strange and foreign. You might remember the first time you changed your prescription glasses. You probably thought your optometrist had done something wrong like give me a wrong prescription or put on the wrong lens. It probably felt very awkward and different than your old pair and you were almost 100% sure that someone, at some step in the process has done something wrong. You also probably was almost ready to go back and figure out what the issue is until you shared your concern with a family member or a friend who told you that it happens every time they changed their prescription.

So you probably asked, how long will it take for me to get used to these new glasses?

Here are a few factors to consider:

1. How big of a change in prescription? The bigger the change the longer the adjustment period.
2. Did you change the type of lens you were using?
3. How often do you wear your glasses? Do you put them only for specific activities or do you have them on all the time?

Based on these factors here are some symptoms you might experience when changing your prescription glasses:

1. Your eyes might feel tired in the first day or two
2. The image might feel a little bent on the edges, the center is usually clear.
3. You might have some depth perception issues for the first day or two
4. Headaches – it is always best to consult your doctor if your new prescription glasses
cause a headache.
5. Distortion – this is normal as some part of your vision is changing slightly as you are
adjusting to your new pair of prescription glasses.

In summary, changing your glasses should not cause any discomfort or change but changing
your prescription and getting a new pair will cause some discomfort and take some getting
used to. The adjustment period is usually 2-3 days and it is very normal. If your new
prescription glasses cause a headache, consult your doctor immediately.


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