Despite popular opinion, both glasses and contact lenses (especially GP lenses) can help with astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia correction. They are equally good for your eye sight and have their own healing qualities.

The problem with choosing one over the other most often lays in practicality and personal preferences. The choice you make depends on your personality the priorities you set. In this article, we will give you the necessary information for making your decision: glasses or contact lenses; or why not try them both:

Keep in mind the basics

Both eyeglasses and contact lenses make unique fashion statements but besides that each of them has their own pros and cons. Eyeglasses are easier to maintain as they don’t require much cleaning; but they are breakable, unlike contact lenses. The con of contact lenses is danger of eye infections because you get to touch your eyes a lot when putting on or taking off. It is utterly important to have your hands disinfected and clean while doing so.

Glasses are cheaper than lenses and they have a longer life span (unless they break, of course). Also they have the advantage of adjusting the amount of light that enters your eyes. This is a measure for optimum comfort and vision. On the other hands, contacts have the advantage of giving unobstructed views. This is because they are positioned directly on your eye and cover the full area.

Contact lenses pros and cons

There are many advantages of wearing contacts. First of all, as mentioned before, they give you unobstructed views; causing less vision distortions. They are sport and exercise friendly as you don’t have to be afraid of breaking them. Also they are hardly affected by weather conditions, so fogging up is a problem you won’t have to worry about. With contact lenses you get to keep your natural look, or even order some funky looking lenses, like vampire ones etc.

The disadvantages are oxygen reduction which can lead to dry eye syndrome. Another syndrome that can occur is the computer vision syndrome which happens if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, while wearing your contacts. Contact lenses are also very boring to clean up and maintain; so if you are the type of person that isn’t all about cleanness and commitment try considering glasses. Though there is another solution to this peculiar problem: buying daily disposables or extended wear contacts (wearing up to 30 days)

Glasses pros and cons

Wearing contacts requires more training and patience, while with glasses the adjustments to your daily routine are little to none. Glasses protect you from wind, dust and debris; plus they are excellent for making a unique fashion statement; you can even keep your frame and just change the glass if your prescription changes.

Unfortunately, glasses have a bit fewer disadvantages as they are sensitive to weather conditions (fog up, get rain spots on glass), give an unnatural look (can significantly enlarge or minimize your eyes), can cause pressure on nose and behind ears, aren’t practical for sports and may cause distorted vision, especially for peripheral objects.


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