Picking the right pair of glasses isn’t as easy as it seems, glasses aren’t just any old accessory, they are usually worn a lot more than any other item because it gives you the ability to see up to your full potential. While some people get plano glasses, prescription glasses are usually going to be worn day in day out by the person who needs them, therefore, they need to be comfortable, look good, and obviously help you see.

Getting your prescription

Before buying any glasses, making sure your prescription is up to date is of utmost importance, as wearing glasses with a prescription that does not match your eyes can be extremely harmful, even if the numbers have only changed by a few digits. Getting an eye exam and updating your prescription is necessary before buying glasses.

Once you have your prescription, you are free to get any pair of glasses, as long as the lenses on them match the prescription for your eyes. It is always better to get glasses from the same optometrist that performs the exam, as there can be no confusion towards the prescription and the lenses will be made exactly as your eye needs them.

Choosing the right frame

After you have the prescription in order and the lenses are being made to match your eye, it is time to pick your frame. Frames come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You want to pick a frame that fits well on your head, as everyone has different shaped heads as well. The end of the frame should curve around the back of your ear to protect them from falling, while the pads need to fit snugly on the bridge of your nose without being so tight as to leave constant red marks and irritation on your nose.

And don’t forget to pick one that you like! They will most likely last at least a couple years and you’ll be putting them on regularly so make sure you like how they look because once the lenses are in, it is a hassle to get a new frame. Once you have picked a frame that you like and fits comfortably your job is done, the lenses will be fitted in the frames and there are your brand new glasses!


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