Vision problems can happen to everyone, including our children. Statistics show that 1 child in every 4 has undetected vision problems and that only 14% of them have regular eye exams. It is important for you to ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy so it doesn’t affect their performance at school. So when is the right time for children to have eye exams? The Canadian Association of Optometrist recommends that your child’s first eye exam should be at least 6 months, 3 years and once a year after that. Children cannot communicate their problems as adults can, so you should carefully observe your child to see if it has certain vision problems.

Here are 5 warning signs of vision problems in children:

1. Eye Rubs

All of us rub our eyes now and then; but if you notice that your child frequently rubs its eyes, definitely schedule an appointment at the optometrist. These warning eye rubs usually happen when your child is trying to concentrate on something, watch TV or read a book. Ask your child about the reasons he/she rubs the eyes. Is it because of blurriness, pain or itching? Learn as much as possible before you visit the doctor.

2. School Performance

Sometimes children don’t notice or hide things from their parents. Maybe those bad grades are because of vision problems. A typical child would rather hide that they have difficulty concentrating which results in learning difficulties and bad grades rather than being honest and telling the truth. Consult with the teachers about your child’s behavior. Is he/she tilting the head while looking at the class board; or do they have difficulty reading and concentrating. Kindly ask the teachers to take your worries into consideration and let you know if they notice some warning signs.

3. Headaches

One of the most common symptoms for vision problems are headaches. If suddenly your children suddenly stop watching those cartoons they used to love; or avoid playing video games then you definitely should investigate that unusual behavior. It can be due to occurrence of headaches and nausea. Consult with your child and find out the reasons for the behavior.

4. Light Sensitivity

Talk to your child and find out if they are more light sensitive than others. Take a lightning source and gently direct it in your child’s field of vision. If after that your child feels pain in the eyes or a headache then maybe it has vision problems. This can also be noticed when you go outside or take a picture with a camera flash. This condition is called photophobia and can be easily fixed depending on the causes.

5. The Way They Watch TV

If your child has vision problems then he will do certain things while watching TV or other digital screens. You should be alarmed if the child is sitting to close to the screen or closing one eye while watching. Another thing you should know is that when children get sleepy shortly after turning on the TV it means that their eyes get easily tired and preoccupied. It is also a sign that your child has vision problems.


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