Blurred vision is when you lose the sharpness of our eyesight and see objects as hazy or out of focus. This problem is a sign for eyesight conditions as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, but there are also other reasons for blurriness which don’t have anything to do with quality of vision.

Here are 5 causes of blurred vision:

1. Dry Eyes

The most common reason for dry eyes are allergies, weather, medicine and contact lenses. Other than these dry eyes can also be caused by the malfunction of Meibomian glands which are responsible for the amount of eye oiliness. The substance they produce keeps your tears from evaporating. This can lead to dry eyes and the defense that your organism has is producing far more liquid than necessary. This is one of the reasons for your blurred vision.

2. Irritated Cornea

A cornea Is a transparent layer in your eyes, located in the front. Each irritation to the cornea can cause watery eyes. Irritations can vary from dust to a simple scratch. An irritated cornea can be recognized if you have redness, pain and light sensitivity. Some irritations pass by immediately and you get through them with little tear drops; but others as extreme injuries can require medical treatments or even surgeries.

3. Blocked Pathways

Eye liquid or tears have their own pathways by which they travel through and outside of our eyes. The pathway is basically made out of ducts and just the regular ones in your basement, these can get blocked too. The cause for this can be an infection, an inflammation or an injury. If you have blocked tear ducts then your tears will accumulate and make your vision blurry. This is why you should visit your optometrists regularly, especially after an eye injury, even if it seems small and irrelevant.

4. Pink Eye

The other name for pink eye is conjunctivitis. It is mostly caused by various types of viruses. You should look out for these symptoms if you suspect that you have pink eye: redness, pain, itchiness and excessive tearing. The last one is the cause for your blurred vision. It is best to visit the optometrist rather than going on a DIY self- medicating adventure. While you have this infection, try not to spread the virus by frequently washing your hands and avoiding touching your infected eye.

5. Bell’s Palsy

It doesn’t happen that often; but your blurred vision can be caused by a condition called bell’s palsy. It paralyzes or weakens your facial muscles. Because of the unregulated blinking or closing of the eye, this results in eye dryness and vision blurs. The reasons for this can condition still aren’t discovered but it usually happens after intense colds and flus or after a nerve injury.


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