Astigmatism is one of the 4 refractive errors which pose issues for eyesight. This condition influences the way our eyes focus and distribute light. It occurs in people with imperfections considering the form of the eyeball. People’s eyes are meant to have a symmetrical round shape and astigmatism is a condition which occurs in people with spherically shaped eyeballs. Because of natural laws and physics, in people with astigmatism, the light doesn’t evenly bend and thus causes objects to appear out of focus and distorted.

The Causes & Symptoms

The reason why some people have astigmatism can be found in pure genetics. Usually, people are born with this eye condition and start to notice it as it progresses. In some cases people also got astigmatism after an eye injury or surgery. The main symptoms for astigmatism are headaches, blurry vision, viewing objects as distorted, difficulty focusing and insufficient night vision.

Diagnosis and Cure

As people are born with astigmatism, it is best to conduct eye exams for your children early on, especially if you have a family history of eye conditions. Astigmatism is diagnosed with a regular vision test for refractive errors. The optometrist will conduct several painless exams with instruments which detect possible refractive errors. Some of those tests are: retinoscopy, manual refraction and phoropter exam. These examinations will show if you have astigmatism and the level of its development, giving you a prescription and recommended solution.

Proper Eyewear

Astigmatism is one of those conditions which with proper care and treatment can become fully cured or at least prevented from further worsening. The best eyewear for astigmatism are specially designed contact lenses – either toric or gas-permeable rigid. The latter ones are prescribed for more severe cases. There are three main types of astigmatism and each of them is differently developed in each individual. Depending on the condition of your eye, the optometrist will prescribe and suggest the ideal method for sight correction. Some patients do not need any type of correction at all as their sight is minimally affected by the condition. To choose the best suited procedures and eyewear for your condition, it is best to compare results by consulting with multiple optometrists and experts.

Laser Surgery

To permanently fix astigmatism, you’ll need a refractive laser surgery. Patients who decide to undertake the procedure must have healthy eyes including undamaged cornea and retina. The surgery can be performed in 15 minutes and positive effects can be seen in only 24 hours. The whole procedure involves pre-surgery preparations with the optometrist, a short laser procedure done by a certified eye surgeon and a post-surgery recovery and healing process to ensure the best results. The surgeon will use a laser to remove microscopic tissue from your eyes and reshape them. This will ensure permanent flawless vision as the main issue – improperly shaped eyeball will vanish forever.


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