Many people experience red eyes. If you only have red eyes when you wake up rather than throughout the whole day, you are lucky. The reasons for morning redness are less dangerous and easily solved. It is most probably an allergic reaction, sometimes mold in your room or insufficient sleep. However, there are also cases where morning redness has been a sign for a more serious illness. Check out this list below to find out more on the subject. If the redness continues throughout the whole day or week, immediately schedule an appointment with the optometrist.

Dry Eyes

The most common reason for red eyes is dryness. Healthy eyes have liquid inside which keeps them moist and functioning. Sometimes the liquid will either dry up or accumulate. In the case of dry eyes, you don’t have enough liquid inside causing irritations and red eyes, also known as bloodshot. The reasons for dry eyes vary. It is really important whether you only have red eyes when you wake up or during the whole day. Here are some reasons for dry eyes after waking up:
• Allergic reaction, usually to pollen or dust
• An unclean mattress or pillow, filled with bacteria and dust
• Not enough sleep or rest
• Too much contact with UV rays before you went to bed
• Sleeping in rooms with cigarette smoke
• Contracting Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
• In the first phase of catching a cold or flu

Trauma & Injury

We have tiny blood vessels traveling through our eyes. When they get swollen up, they become visible and this is why we experience bloodshot or red eyes. If you suddenly have red eyes when you wake up, you might have scratched and injured them either during sleep or the day before. If you also experience pain or if the redness doesn’t go away, you have to visit the doctor to find out whether something serious is happening.

Frequent Rubs

All of us rub our eyes, especially in the morning. But if someone rubs their eyes frequently, it can result in damaging some parts, including blood vessels. Try to rub your finger with the same force you rub the eyes, 10 times a day. You will start to experience redness or even pain on that finger and the same thing happens above. Frequent rubbing is a symptom of refractive errors. If you have a deep urge to rub your eyes, you might have difficulties with object-focusing or a vision problem.


The most dangerous reason for red eyes is glaucoma. It a genetically transmitted disease which if left untreated, will most definitely lead to blindness. Glaucoma also occurs in diabetic patients since sugar levels influence the eye pressure. Besides redness, you will also experience pain, nausea, blurry vision and halos. However, in most cases, glaucoma symptoms don’t show at all. This is why most people decide to have annual eye check-ups, especially if a family member has had the same condition.

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