Whether or not you’re currently using prescription eyewear, it is important that you schedule an appointment with your optometrist at a minimum, once every two years. Optometrists are just as indispensable as your family physician. The quality of your vision has a great influence on the quality of your life. While most people visit doctors with their kids for regular check-ups, many of these same individuals may neglect the health of their eyes and this could end up detrimental to their long-term vision health.

Listed below are 5 important reasons you should visit your optometrist regularly;

Stay a Step Ahead

A regular visit to your optometrist will always keep you a step ahead of any impending eye injuries or damage. Whenever you pay a visit to an optometrist, they don’t just check how well your vision is or if you need glasses or not. Our Oakville optometrist explains, eye examinations also include checks for any injuries and early signs of potential eye conditions – like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. With regular visits to your optometrist, you’ll be able to detect any impending eye issue early enough to fend it off. 

Boost Your Kids Learning

Good vision is just as important for kids, as it is for adults. Vision has always been linked to the learning process, both in adults and children. This makes it more of a necessity for your kids to visit the optometrist more often. Kids that suffer from undetected vision problems have been proven to find learning difficult and since children may not be able to distinguish between what they see and clear vision, they are more than likely to never complain about vision problems or even realize that they have issues. 

Better Diet

Consuming foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and Vitamin C and E have been proven to boost the health of your eyes. Regular visits to your optometrist will help you identify meals containing these special nutrients and specially formulated vitamins that you can get over the counter. 

Special Health Needs

Visiting the optometrist annually is a good routine at least annually and at the bare minimum once every two years. This general rule, however, does not apply to individuals with pre-existing eye conditions or with special eye needs. Individuals above the age of 40, diabetic patients, or those with a family history of glaucoma should make visiting an optometrist a regular occurrence. 

Improved Lifestyle

The quality of your optical health goes a long way in dictating the quality of your lifestyle. Working several hours in front of a computer screen can lead to detrimental effects including blurry vision, eye-strain, dry eyes, and even serious headaches. With a visit to a qualified optometrist, you can easily get the prescription lens that will protect your eyes against contrast, glare and help maintain your eye health.

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